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Bunnery 8 months, 6 days ago


It's been a bit of a busy week here at Interference Towers. Laura had her surgery on Sunday and came to stay with us on Monday, to recover and recuperate (and be spoiled :-)) She's feeling a lot better now that she is minus a gall bladder. Just needs to heal up and get her strength back.

Meanwhile, Breadmower has been trying to get work done, in between the hospital and doctor visits! He's concentrating on the iOS version of the game - but has decided to ditch what he did before and make it a combined iOS/Android version - as it will be much more efficient.

In fact, he reports that it is working better than the version he WAS working on - so that is good news. I had a quick preview and it looked great! So hopefully not too long to wait for those to come out then...

Meanwhile let's see who won the awards!

Breadmower went for Maruf 's description of "Fire, Water, Air and Leaf!" for Description of the Week. It tickled him that earth was represented by a leaf - but then how else could you draw it?

I chose @SpookyHunter 's drawing of "Great portrait with epic eyebrows" to be awarded Picture of the Week. Love the monochrome drawing - and such great eyebrows too! Press the replay button on the game page to see how it was drawn.

Thanks to those of you have been retweeting and sharing our posts on social media! It's great to get the word out there as far as possible!

For more on this news - check out this week's video update on the Community page!

Maruf 8 months, 6 days ago

Wow thanks 😃

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