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Bunnery 7 months, 23 days ago

Hello and welcome to another Interference News Vedatc! (Bit of an in-joke now - search for it in the gallery :-)

For weeks I have been campaigning via social media to try to get Microsoft to put Interference into the special collection called APPS FOR WINDOWS INK. We felt it would attract more arty types who would enjoy the game! We actually heard from the team at Microsoft this week - and it seems that there are a couple of things we need to do to get in there.

Firstly we don't have enough RECENT reviews in the store. We know that players put nice comments about the game here in the forums - but it would really help if you would pop into the store and leave a quick review in there!
Thank-you in advance :-)

Secondly, we need more regular players so that the game finish quicker! If any of you know of any online groups or websites concerned with all things art - please let us know! In the meantime - keep sharing and telling others about what fun Interference really is!

So what has Breadmower been up to this week? Firstly he has put in a link after each game which allows you to share the whole game as one image! This might help attract new players when you share the games on social media.

Then the rest of his time has been taken up with wrestling with the iOS version of Interference. After trying to do a version for both Android and iOS - he discovered that this created more problems than it solved. So, he's back to individual apps and has got most of it working - except there's a weird problem with the countdown timer in the game. I'm sure he'll sort it out sometime this week though!

So, on to the awards! PICTURE OF THE WEEK goes to stopherjones for "Overly dramatic seagull performs Shakespearean death scene" - the whole game made us laugh this week - and I love this seaside version of Hamlet. Nice work!

Breadmower also chose a Shakespearean-themed one for his description (we did this completely independently of each other!) It is by @KateKonga and is "Weird gray fluffy dog re-enacts that one scene from Hamlet! He loved how a Womble could be described as a weird dog - if you've never seen the old kids TV series. Love it KayKonga!

That's it for this week - see you all soon!

QuillDaisyStairs 7 months, 23 days ago

Just for a second there I thought I'd not only "inspired greatness" for Picture of the Week, but that I'd also been awarded Description of the Week but it was snatched away from me in the next paragraph. It's a typo! Too much copying and pasting going on methinks (Shakespearean word used to make a point)! It did make me laugh though - always the bridesmaid never the bride (I could put something about maidenheads, another 'Shakey' word, but that's probably getting too personal). Luckily I'm quite resilient so I'm not rocking in the corner. And, no, I haven't been drinking. Maybe a present would help ease my non-existent pain. Like some free stickers, or the ability to start more than three games at once, or an award created in my name... x (cold, hard cash is always good).

Bunnery 7 months, 23 days ago

Ooops - sorry there was a typo in the news update - I meant of course KayKonga not Kate. Sorry!

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