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Bunnery 7 months, 9 days ago


It's lovely to see so many new players on Interference this week - with their amazing and varied drawing styles. Nice to have you here! We're also getting more reviews in the app store - which is a great way to keep us in Apps for Windows Ink! If you haven't written yours yet - we'd really appreciate it if you took a few moments to tell everyone what you think about the game :-)

Breadmower has updated the Windows 8 and 10 apps this week to include the Leaderboards. Now you can see how many total likes you've had each week - and who is above you in the table! There's also a Leaderboard for referrals too - so we hope to see that going up and up very soon! :-)

Breadmower is still working on the iOS version of the app too - so hopefully we'll see a sudden burst of progress on that this week. Just when he thinks he has got one thing working - something else breaks! But we'll get there soon!

So, on to the awards!

Picture of the Week goes to Thestralen - for their "ginger cat about to get started on a huge ice cream" - I loved the look in the cat's eyes as he prepares to devour it - and it is Caterday after al!

Breadmower chose, for his Description of the Week "Pikachu loves his wedding cake with lancers on the top" by CharlieRogers. he thought is was funny how random - yet very specific - it was! Nice work you two!

We have had a flurry of people buying t-shirts this week. Did you know that you could buy any picture from the game on a t-shirt? There are also generic logo shirts and special edition 7th birthday ones too - check out the store. If you do buy a t-shirt - we'd be thrilled to see a picture of you wearing it! We need to show that we're taking over the world of High Fashion!

That's it for this week - if you'd like an expanded edition of this news - check out the weekly video via the Community page (or YouTube)

Have a good week!

Jackdaw 7 months, 8 days ago


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