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Bunnery 5 months, 14 days ago

Hello Everyone!

This week things have been a little quiet on social media. It really helps when Interference is mentioned, or shared or retweeted. If you get a couple of minutes in the week we'd be so grateful if you'd mention a game or picture you like on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. We want everyone to love the game as much as we do!

A quick Kitty Update- Grumbles is doing well on a quarter of a tablet a day - which is good as the less steroid he has the better it is for his overall health. Cone Cat (Dave?) is biting his leg a lot less - so is spending more time with his cone off. It's nice to see fur growing back again. They both have check-ups with the vets next week - so we'll give you more news then :-)

Breadmower has been working on the last few wrinkles in the new Android/iOS apps - the last little bits always take longer than you think! They should be in the app stores for testing this week. Can't wait to get them out! :-)

So, onto awards: The Picture of the Week Award goes to anonymousllama for "old" I love the detail in the portrait - with the blue eyes and white hair. Nice work!

Description of the Week goes to Psychonaut for "Medusa is singing her new hit, "love is like a stone" He was tickled by the thought that Medusa's singles would do quite well - but the tour not so much - as you could only ever see her live once...
Quite deep that! :-)

Don't forget - if you are starting to think about Christmas/Holiday shopping - there are some nice Interference Christmas Cards in the Store - and who wouldn't love an exclusive, original Interference t-shirt as a gift?

Check out the store now! :-)

That's it for this week - we'll be back next Saturday. In the meantime you can watch the video update on YouTube!

miramiramira 5 months, 14 days ago

Hooray! Congrats anonymousllama and Psychonaut!


(Glad there is some happy kitty news. )

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