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Bunnery 3 months, 20 days ago


Welcome to the first news update of the year.

The biggest news this week concerns our weekly video. We have completely revamped it - to include less of us talking and more of the stuff that you guys have done. So, it has been renamed IFXtra - The Interference Show and has a couple of new segments. One is a Community Pick of the Week - where we show which item received the most likes from you, the players, each week. It could be something recent or may be a classic from an old game. That's all down to you!

There is also a new bit called From the Forums - where we look at some of the questions you have asked and try to give you answers! This week it stars questions from MightyMo and LordEselsmut asking about profile pictures and IRL games. Check out the first IFXtra via the link on the home page (You might even spot a Christmas present I got for Breadmower in the background :-)

In other news Breadmower has set out what he wants to achieve this year. Firstly he wants to bring the Android app up to the same standard as the website and Windows versions of Interference - so that it includes things like IRL games, Invites and extra Supporter stats.

Then he intends to get the iOS version of the game done - followed by the Kindle Fire version too.

So let's get on to who won the awards this week:

Picture of the Week goes to averagejo for "A narwhal swimming through the starry sky" which I thought was a beautiful, atmospheric picture and I loved how happy the narwhal looked too. Nice job, averagejo!

Description of the Week goes to Arachnophobe for their "the most stereotypical submarine on earth" Breadmower loved this description because, where everyone else had actually written "yellow submarine", Arachnophobe was so confident that everyone would know what his description meant. And they did - the whole game stayed on topic! Good work Arachnophobe :-)

The first ever Community Pick of the Week - the item with the most likes - goes to Krazikitteh for their picture of "Two drunk men drinking "out"" - which is from an IRL game that starts with "Scene from my favourite book" Well done to you, Krazikitteh for being this week's community favourite!

So, if you have any questions or comments - please get in touch via the forums - you never know we might feature you in a future show! We'd love to hear what you think of the new video format too.

That's all for today - see you next week!

SirDoyle 3 months, 20 days ago

Hi - Congrats to the winners. I've been having so much fun learning to draw via this game/site that... I got a digital pen for Christmas. It's a Huion and is very cool but... when I try to click on the spot to change script size, I often have to attempt several times before my options stay open. And most of the time, when changing colors, it leaves a dot - the size of the script size - on my drawing. I know I can just hit 'undo' and get rid of it, but I'm losing VALUABLE SECONDS per drawing trying to sort out my pen. Any suggestions from you seasoned pros? THANKS

LordEselsmut 3 months, 20 days ago

I'm amazed by the amount of love you two put into this. I'd love you to get rich and famous by this. Please start a Patreon thing already. ;-) Playing the game and keeping it alive is already rewarding enough.

Babgab 3 months, 19 days ago

I liked the Iron Man/Breadmower picture!

Bunnery 3 months, 19 days ago

Pretty cool isn't Babgab 😎

Babgab 3 months, 18 days ago

Bunnery Very!

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