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Breadmower 3 months, 16 days ago

Hi everyone,

We've released a couple of updates for the Interference apps, which should be in the store now. If you don't receive the update automatically, then just find Interference in your phone's store (there's a link on and press update.

What's new:

Windows: You can now see how many of each type of game is available when choosing what to play (eg draw/describe/IRL), and we've also fixed a little graphical bug where you'd sometimes see "Level up to unlock spurned games" even when you'd unlocked them. The latest version number for the Windows 10 app is v3.8.11, and the Windows 8 app is v3.8.1.2.

Android: You can now join Spurned and Invite games from the app, and you can see how many of each type of game is available when choosing what to play (eg draw/describe/spurned). We've fixed a bug where the age of items (eg "posted 2 hours, 3 mins ago") didn't get adjusted for your timezone, and fixed another bug where long forum threads (eg the forum games in General Discussion) weren't loaded correctly. We've also added a "jump to unread" button when viewing a forum thread (at the top right of the page). The latest Android update is v1.0.4.

Let us know if you spot any issues with the updates, and we'll get them sorted out :-)

Breadmower 3 months, 16 days ago

On an unrelated note, Grumble (one of the stray cats we took in) is having surgery today to fix a problem with his eye, so if anyone wants to buy 400 t-shirts (or sponsor an episode of IFXtra?) to help us pay for it then that'd be awesome ;-)

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