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Bunnery 6 days, 21 hours ago


How's your week been?

I've been trying something new this week - Discord! I had never heard of it before - but as Ferret had set it up for us I thought I'd have a go. It turned out to be so easy to register and link my Interference account to it. I can now see what some of you are chatting about in there. If you're a supporter (or patron) then you can click the handy link that Breadmower has put in the web site and the app to let you join in. Come on in - it's fun!

Breadmower has once again spent most of the week on the web version of Interference. He has been getting the important playing bits done - so that you can actually draw and describe now. It's almost at the point where he'll need some volunteers to test it out. If you'd be willing to have a go and let us know of any problems with it - let us know in this forum or email us and we'll add you to the Beta Testers.

Now, on to this week's awards:

Description of the Week goes to MsFuego for her "Classy lady and her little one as the light diminishes" which Breadmower liked because of how it interpreted the previous description - but also added a very poetic quality to the game. Nice work MsFuego

Community Pick of the Week goes to Miramiramira for her drawing of "Cat hungry for burger and beer" I'm not surprised it got the most likes this week. That kitty looks very interested in the burger - but even more in the beer! Good stuff, Miramiramira

Picture of the Week goes to taka for their drawing of "Rabbit EATING PACKMAN" That's a very cute bunny and a novel way to get rid of Pacman. Love it, taka!

In the forums this week Ferret started a new thread about your favourite recipes. It was suggested by Sinus originally - thanks for that! There have been a few responses so far - including Ferret and her famous KFC cake and Breadmower and his Tag Carb. Pop in the forum and have a look - or even better, add a recipe of your own!

Right now I'm off to make some Sinus apple pancakes. So I'll see you next week! If you'd like a longer version of this news - check out Episode 10 of IFXtra - The Interference Show on YouTube. You'll find the link on the home page of the game.

Amber Hopkins 6 days, 21 hours ago

I'd be willing to help test the web version

Sinus 6 days, 20 hours ago

I'd also like to test the web version

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