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Bunnery 12 days, 7 hours ago

Hello and welcome to this week's news,

I got chance to play a few more games of Interference this week - as I was not well one day and stayed in bed. It was surprising how quickly the games I joined finished - it's great to see so many new players. It makes us happy to se all of you playing so many games.

Breadmower did get some work done early in the week - before he caught the bug too. We have never known a winter so long with so many illnesses around!

He did work on the new authentication system for the website for Facebook and other platforms - in case you want to change the way you login to Interference.He also got leaderboards and the phone drawing tool done. He will put a more detailed post up about that for you if you are interested. Or you could get more details by watching this week's IFXtra video on YouTube.

In case any of you are worried about Facebook logins - we do NOT collect or use an data about our players - apart from an ID number that enables us to know your name. We would never invade your privacy - that's our policy.

So, on to this week's awards.

Picture of the Week goes to Maredi for "cat sitting on a tree stump beneath a beautiful night sky" which has such a gorgeous sky - I have often tried to do a nice sunset - but have never succeeded like this. Fantastic work Maredi

Description of the Week went to sk3tchninja for "Slow and steady doesn't win when your opponent is a goose" which Breadmower said not only described the picture perfectly but also sounds very profound. In fact he's going to use that phrase next time some tells him he's taking too long on something. Awesome work, sk3tchninja!

The Community Pick of the Week went to elMicha for their "The Man on the Moon" picture. It's a great drawing of Andy Kaufman there, Nice one elMicha!

This week on the forums there has been some discussion of live streaming and YouTube channels. We may be doing a live stream AMA session some time in the next month. We need to get the tram together and decide what to do!

This week Ferret asks "What TV have you been watching lately" If you've been watching something great or interesting pop into the forums and let the rest of us know about it. I for one would definitely recommend The Good Place. :-)

I think that's all the news for this week. There's a longer version on this week's IFXtra - the link is on the home page!

Have a good week everyone!

playa 12 days, 6 hours ago

Hi, I was excited to see my picture featured when you talked about the "Description of the Week" from sk3tchninja, who I am glad for, nice description. But you showed my picture with someone else's name! You should also give credit to the artist who drew the picture. Thanks.

Ferret 12 days, 6 hours ago

Hey playa with description of the week we make sure to give credit to the person who wrote the description as thats the award - However you bring up a valid point perhaps we should have a small credit to the artist, im sure its just to avoid confusion over who won :-)

AmyStewart 11 days, 10 hours ago

Way to go sk3tchninja! (He is my talented young cousin!) That description really cracked me up.

Breadmower 10 days, 15 hours ago

playa As Ferret says, we thought it'd be less confusing this way. The player who drew the picture already receives an "Inspiring Greatness" award (for inspiring the description of the week), but you make a fair point - we'll start giving them a shoutout ("Description of the week is 'Slow and steady doesn't win when your opponent is a goose' by sk3thninja, who was describing a drawing by playa") and I'll figure out a way to fit their name on the video (under the drawing, maybe?). Same goes for the person who writes the description that inspires picture of the week :-)

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