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Breadmower 9 days, 2 hours ago

Hi everyone, hope you've had a good week!

There's been quite a lot happening with the game this week, with a lot of app updates. I won't go into too much detail again here, but we've added things like a permanently onscreen palette, an undo button and a list to the supporter Discord server to the Windows apps, along with a few other changes. If you'd like to find out the full list of changes then either check the recent App Updates thread in the news forum, or watch the latest episode of IFXtra on YouTube where I talk through it all.

Anyway, awards: picture of the week was "Finger puppet puppy love" by Grampy (based on SpaceE's description) - Bunnery loved the looks on the dogs' faces, and was very impressed with Grampy's skill at drawing hands. My favourite description was "Prequel to Silence of the Lambs" by DuckDodgers, which I thought was an excellent description of ThBreeze's picture - it'll kind of spoil it if I say what it is here, so you'll have to have a look at the game yourself :-) Finally, the most popular item this week was "A boy eating ice cream in the dark" by Maredi, based on Sinus's description - there's some fantastic use of light and shadow there. Nice work, everyone!

Last week in the forums Ferret started another game: "Not in my living room A-Z" where we were all taking turns to name things like we wouldn't like to have in our living rooms. It started off simple enough with an Alligator, we eventually got to Monkeys with the comment "imagine the mess", then that became a theme, with things like "The Queen - imagine the stress" and "The Royal Wedding - but imagine the dress". The thread's still going if you'd like to contribute something :-)

This time she's started a discussion about awards in Interference, after I mentioned that some of the award names were meant to be so cryptic that players would have to work together to figure them out. Looks like some have been solved, but no-one's figured out "Fingers on the buzzers" yet - head over to the general discussion forum and jump into "Let's talk about awards" if you want to get involved!

Right, that's it for this week. We're now busy cleaning ahead of tonight's Eurovision party, where we'll watch the UK fail to win again because we've probably entered a sensible song instead of Euro cheese, which is what everyone really wants. If you're outside of Europe and have no idea what I'm talking about, then have a look on YouTube for "Peace Peace Love Love", which I think sums the whole thing up :-)

Have a great week, we'll see you next Saturday!

Babgab 9 days, 2 hours ago

Rooting for the UK to get better than last place again! Whoever's watching, hope you have a good time seeing central Europe win again!

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