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7 hours of no Wi-Fi --- in your dreams!!!


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While sleeping, you can't use wifi (usually about 7h).


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Without Wi-Fi, the you sleep peacefully.


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Guy sleeps because he has no wifi


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Don't fret. In the case of no Wi-Fi you will go into stasis.


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If you have wifi while dead, you will be happier


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Max has died, buried in a cemetery with free wifi


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Katay 4 months, 7 days ago

Eew. Just eeeew.

miramiramira 4 months, 7 days ago

Yeah.... This is probably one that will get blocked by Breadmower...

Breadmower 4 months, 7 days ago

katay miramiramira Apologies - they were already on our watch list, meaning that their items are automatically held for moderations, but I think I've made a mistake somewhere and that system doesn't work correctly when a watched player starts a game. I'll get that fixed, add another word to the swear list and issue a ban. Thanks for the heads up.

If you're only just reading this and have no idea what we're talking about: there was some NSFW stuff at the start of this game, which we've cut out.

Live_love_laugh 4 months, 7 days ago

Thanks for blocking that. It was pretty bad!

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