Dave Cat and Grumbles

15 players. Finished 3 months, 18 days ago

Dave Cat and Grumbles


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Two cats looking at each other


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Orange kittens stumped by puzzle where you move matchsticks


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2 cats puzzled by match game


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Two cringy looking cats playing a boardgame match


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cats playing checkers


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Zyler the Cat had to much catnip and is rolling on the floor


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Cat died because it wasn't allowed on the couch


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Stargazer2022 3 months, 17 days ago

That is a really cute picture!!!💕🐈

Stargazer2022 3 months, 17 days ago

Sorry, it posted when I wasn't done, that comment was directed at +

miramiramira 3 months, 17 days ago

Aww.. Thanks Stargazer2022 :) Any time I've ever tried to play a board game around a cat, that's what ends up happening. Just figured that must be how cats play checkers! haha.

WittyOne 3 months, 12 days ago

Any time you try to play a game, read a book, read instructions...anything that takes your attention away from them. But I love all three of my cats.

miramiramira 3 months, 12 days ago

@WittyOne-- exactly. :)

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