About Interference

Interference is based around a breakdown in communication: start a game with a description, then see what happens as other players take turns to draw and describe. It won’t take long for the original message to get lost in translation and turn into something completely different (and hilarious!).

Get started by signing in with a Twitter, Facebook, Interference or Microsoft Account (up at the top right) and then click play. Not ready to join in yet? Check out the gallery to see the kinds of crazy misunderstandings that happen!

If you'd like to find out how the game started, you can read the full story here.



What does the icon by a player's name mean?

If a player's name is purple and they have a little gear next to their name (eg Breadmower) it means that they're a developer (aka Team IFX). If their name is orange and they have a golden pencil next to their name (eg Bunnery) it means that they're a supporter (they've donated to help keep the game running). Find out more about becoming a supporter here. Players with a red name (eg TrollyMcTrollface) have done something naughty and are currently banned.

What is the "triangle in a twirly arrow" icon?

The replay icon icon means that you can watch a replay of the drawing. Just click the icon and it'll pop up and start playing - you can adjust the speed by pressing the x1, x2 or x4 button. Some replays are available to everyone (eg Picture of the Day), but most are only available to supporters.

Why don't replays start at 0 seconds?

When you watch a replay it'll jump to when the author started drawing. Some players like to plan out their drawing before they start - we don't want you to get bored, so we skip the first bit. For example if the timer starts at 1:12 it means that the author spent a minute and twelve seconds thinking before they started.

I have another question!

If there's something else you'd like to know, you can either post a message in the "Help and suggestions" forum, or email us at